Wednesday, January 2, 2013

year 2013 somehow is just an ordinary year for me.. when counting minutes around 11.45pm standing in the middle of crowd n watching mawi n the gang concert. suddenly i realize that i lost my camera.. :(( i thought i was holding the camera on that time.. huhu.. how careless i am.. one of my fav gadget had disappeard and leave me 1000 regrets for being careless..the consequent for losing it, today, my bos ask me to go on site, n take pictures on what was the progress that have been done.. but i got no camera to use.. i know, to buy a new one cost about hundred or thousand maybe..(thank god, it was not an dslr) hehe..  

teach me to be careful next time. this were my 3rd time of the 2012 year for losing gadget which is before that was my two blackberry had lost.. two! n this my 3rd bb.. (y must bb until my 3rd bought? haha.. dunno)

i hope i will be a better person.. for not being careless anymore..huhuu :(
HAPPY New Year friends.. :)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

am i look like cikgu tadika? friends call me cikgu tadika when i'm wearing glasses.. duhh~

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Us .. in a relationship - 3 years 6months.. hehe 

last post on june. now is dec. been 6month did not post anything here. how am i doing? just convocation, done part time job and now been hired as a manager. a good start, and feel not competence enough to hold dat position. what i'll become a year after, i dont know, i hope the best come from Allah, the bad maybe come from me.. Insyaallah..

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Monday, June 11, 2012

before my birthday..

i want to share something that was really surprised me yesterday. the thing happened like this la..
my bf is planned a surprise party for me and coincidentally i found out through his facebook.. hehe..
my 25th birthday on 16th june.. another 4 days to go.. so yesterday, i came to work as usual, sitting and online, but i something brought me to open up his facebook account because the day before he did mention about a person who he didnt even know her came with notification like "accept friend request".. does it sounds weird? it was your facebook how come he didnt notice anyone before add kan.. ok never mind la..

hehe.. n then, after several second, i saw he is chatting with one of my bestfriend la kan.. adoi.. kelaka la kan.. they planned about the party la.. and how do i feel that time? more to HAPPY and SURPRISE... and that already surprise me.. and i keep smiling all day and decided to not knowing anything about that..
lie to pretend? that totally wasnt me,. and that evening i tell him the truth that i already knew about the plan.. i cant to pretend like i was surprise on the party and pretend until the party finish..

and after that , he feel sad and decide to cancel the party.. because i will not surprise anymore..n i told him i already surprised plus happy.. even though not in the real situation..but the 'feeling of surprise' more important..
so now i waited for another one surprise on my birtday nanti... hehe.. to be continued...

word to repeat.. : SURPRISE!!!!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

hairdo price at rm290...


How do i look in my new appearance? hehehe.. hair only costing up to rm290..
touch up for hair colour = rm70
digital perm = rm 220..
then girls. pls think twice before u going to get ur hair done like me..ehe